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Whitesel Music is a fine piano and church organ retailer and service center located in downtown Harrisonburg. Serving the mid-Atlantic since 1948.

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30 Baxter Dr., Suite 120,

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

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Yamaha Clavinova

CVP 601

The Yamaha Claivnova CVP 601 offers the signature features of the CVP-600 series at an affordable price. 


Yamaha Clavinova CVPs are extremely versatile instruments offering features and functionality for even the most discriminating pianist. The CVP 601 uses a Real Grand Expression (RGE) sound engine. This feature gives pianists the expressive capability of a real concert grand piano. The CVP 601 can even outperform some acoustic upright pianos because of it's GH3 action, which faithfully reproduces the touch of an acoustic grand piano. 


The CVP 605 also features synthetic ivory key tops for a traditional feel, as well as a massive library of instrument voices. Yamaha's signature super articulation voices reproduce true effects, as if you are playing that actual musical instrument (Guitar, Violin, Wind Instruments, etc.). The Clavinova CVP series pianos are the most versatile digital pianos in the world. Along with the acoustic piano touch, feel, response, and sound, the CVP 601 also offers an on-screen score display, a built-in Karaoke machine, iOS compatibility, and 16 track USB audio recording. 


You can play this piano like a traditional piano, play along with your favorite tunes, write and record your own songs, sing Karaoke, and play with virtual bands with you as the band leader. This instrument isn't just for pianists, it's fun for the whole family. Whether the CVP 601 is in a living room, church sanctuary, or a school practice room, it has features that will appeal to every user. 


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