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Whitesel Music is a fine piano and church organ retailer and service center located in downtown Harrisonburg. Serving the mid-Atlantic since 1948.

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Harrisonburg, VA 22801

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Yamaha GB1K 5' Baby Grand Piano

The most affordable Yamaha Grand Piano ever!

All across the world, Yamaha Pianos are known for their quality, consistency, and value. Whether or not you are playing on a GB1K in Los Angeles, New York City, Nashville, or Harrisonburg, these key elements remain present. Renowned for their consistency, reliability, and expressive range, each year, thousands of schools, churches, studios, stages, and living rooms are graced by the rich tones of Yamaha Pianos. The balance of cutting-edge technology, skilled craftsmen, and innovative minds allow Yamaha Pianos to continue to represent an unsurpassed standard of performance and excellence. 


The Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand boasts a mighty sound at a mere 5 feet. This is Yamaha's most compact and affordable grand. The GB1K is extremely popular in cases where space is limited but artists still want a full resonant tone that is comparable to larger grand pianos. This gorgeous baby grand comes in a high polished ebony polyester finish and rests on solid brass casters. Beyond the Yamaha balanced action sit the spruce keys that give precise control of the premium Yamaha designed hammers and specially designed hammer shanks. The expressive control and durability play an important role in the acclaim and reputation of these fine pianos. In the rare case that your new Yamaha GB1K has issues, you are protected by a 10 year warranty. However, simply reading about the piano won't do the trick; we strongly encourage you to come sit down and play this piano to hear it's true beauty.

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