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Whitesel Music is a fine piano and church organ retailer and service center located in downtown Harrisonburg. Serving the mid-Atlantic since 1948.

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30 Baxter Dr., Suite 120,

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

540-434-1376 | 888-439-8383


Yamaha TransAcoustic™

A traditional Acoustic piano with 19 high quality digital voices. 

Not a single speaker.


Embracing Innovation

Yamaha TransAcoustic™ Pianos unprecedentedly marry the features of the traditional acoustic piano and a digital piano. This has set a new standard in the piano industry, stretching imagination, and opening up new world of possibilities. TransAcoustic™ technology infuses the digital voices directly into the spruce soundboard. The the natural sympathetic vibrations and resonance of the piano's soundboard, strings, and cabinet act as a self-contained acoustic speaker system, adding a new dimension and texture to your performance. Yamaha's specially designed transducer system and proprietary technology have no affect on the overall tone and acoustic properties of the piano. Non-contact sensors under each indivudal key detect the depth, velocity, and subtle nuances of each keystroke allowing for maximum expressive control. Depressing the center pedal and sliding it to the left engages the TransAcoustic™  properties of the piano. The hammer stop rail locks in place and prevents the hammers from striking the strings. When this is engaged the piano relies solely on 19 carefully curated pre-installed voices, allowing you to select the ideal voice for your expression and artistry.


A Broad Sonic Pallette

Featuring top-quality electric pianos, pipe organs, organs, vibraphones, harpsichords, orchestral strings, and more. The primary voice in this piano is the acclaimed CFX flagship concert grand piano. The superbly detailed sample of the CFX let's you enjoy the rich and resonant sound of that massive grand piano in a much more compact instrument. The versatility of the TransAcoustic piano makes it the perfect piano for playing at home, as well as performances in schools, churches, hotels, restaurants, and almost any other venue imaginable. Also featured in this piano is Yamah's renowned SILENT™ Piano Technology allows the TransAcoustic™ Piano to be played with headphones. These two technologies create the perfect environment to play and perform without disturbing others. The distinctly natural and resonant sound makes playing the TransAcoustic™ piano a truly memorable and inspiring experience. 

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