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pipe organ tuner, culpeper, va


How much does it cost to tune our pipe organ?


That depends of many factors. Our pipe organ tunings start at $500. To give an accurate quote for your special organ, we need to know:

• number of total ranks 

• number of pipes

• physical accessibility

• number of mixtures and mutations

• number of reed stops

• how long since it has been tuned.

• make and model

• by when do you need your tuning 

Don't know the make and model of your organ? You might be able to get information about your organ at:

This site has a data base of many organs already installed in churches.

Our pipe organ tuners have over 20 years experience!

To request your tuning click here for the Organ Tuning Request Form.

We Also Provide:

  • Maintenance Contract

  • Pipe Organ Repair

  • Pipe Organ Restoration

  • Digital Organ Repair

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